Asian Community Alliance, Inc.

Apna Sapna Club

Apna Sapna club meets the second Thursday of every month from 11am to 2pm. The volunteers from the Indian community provide transportation and other support. Payal Kohli, a social worker runs a support group format, for the first half hour, with the group with the goal of developing self-sufficiency and interdependent support system with the other seniors in the group. This is followed by a guest speaker on topics ranging from medical (hypertension/ arthritis etc), to spiritual, alternative medicine and nutrition. The topics are age and culture specific with the presenter speaking in the national language of India- Hindi. Games and raffles are integral part of this club. Seniors look forward to an afternoon of laughter and fun which the element of age-appropriate games bring along. Seniors are given opportunity in every event to present their expertise, wisdom and talent which causes the seniors to reconnect with their passion and their hobbies. Food is a must in Indian culture. Eating meals together bonds the seniors in an informal heart-centered way. We begin with snacks and chai (Indian tea without which any Indian gathering is truly incomplete). Later we provide lunch which is either provided by resturants at discounted rates or the volunteers in the community coordinate the menu under the guidance of Payal Kohli and Kavita Sharma. Core team consists of Anisha Singh, Payal Kohli, Geeta Mehan and Jyoti Sachdeva along with a team of dedicated volunteers including Sangeeta Jain, our raffle sponsor (KAMLAJI KA KHAZANA) which is dedicated in the memory of her mother, Kamla. We had 29 seniors and 8 volunteers this month! On Mother's Day, we had a special Bollywood quiz, raffle prizes, chair yoga and a sponsored lunch. We will now have monthly lunch sponsors for our club. This way, community members who otherwise can not come or volunteer but wish they could pitch in, will now have an opportunity to be part of Apna Sapna Seniors club, and can be lunch sponsors for $200 (lunch is $5 per person so far, and we need food for roughly 40 people). A monthly sign up sheet will be released. With 29 seniors, the room at the office is becoming too small. So we may need to move out of that space for a larger space. If anyone has an ideas, please e-mail us.